How to get rid of that annoying Windows 10 update icon

Microsoft wants Windows 7 and 8 users to "upgrade" to Windows 10.  Perhaps you, like me, don't think it's really a great idea to have your computer replace its operating system.  Maybe you doubt, as I do, that all your computer's current applications, files, games, media, and programs will be able to seamlessly transition to Windows 10 along with your operating system.  Maybe you're not impressed by Microsoft's failure with their last operating system, Windows 8.  And maybe you take, as I do, a dim view of an update process that as of now still doesn't even include a program for playing video files (there'll be no Windows Media Player in Windows 10).  The opacity of the process just for for getting rid of its update icon suggests an unpromising future for the Windows 10 operating system itself.  If you hide the icon, it pops back up every time you restart the computer.  If you uninstall the update, which is Windows Update KB3035583, the automatic Windows update just reinstalls it a day or two later.  It's like Dracula, repeatedly popping back up out of the coffin.  

So if for whatever reason you don't want to switch to Windows 10, and you also want that pesky little 4-paned gray window logo to go away, here's what to do. 

Go to control panel, uninstall programs, click on view installed updates, and scroll down the 265 or so "Microsoft Windows" updates. Look for Update KB3035583. Right click and select uninstall to uninstall it.
Restart computer.
Search for "windows update" to quickly bring up Windows Update, open it, view the "important" update that it now says needs to be installed, and click on it, make sure it's KB3035583 (if it's not there, click on "Check for updates"). Right click on KB3035583, and it select "Hide." 

Even so, the unwanted icon has returned twice: on 7/15/2015 and again on 10/11/2015, and once every month or two after that, requiring me to repeat this process each time.  After several more times repeating this process, I discovered, and recommend, Never 10.  Stupid Microsoft.  

posted July 17, 2015 6:20 pm, updated October 12, 2015 9:04 am, and again on 4/3/2016, 10:11 am

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