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About me
The ultimate in solipsism, this page is a photo of myself and a blurb about myself, which I've written... myself!

Recent photo

Indian Camp Path, Blue Hills Reservation, Quincy, Mass., November, 2016.
posted November 27, 2016

My book
I wrote a book about exercise and food, you can learn more about it here.

More That There Paul on the web
You can find my "About Me" page on Amazon here, my increasingly acerbic Boston Globe comments here, and my Netflix profile here.
posted October 29, 2007

That There Paul's life so far
I live in Boston, Mass., USA. I was born in California in 1965 but grew up in suburban Chicago and because of an affinity for rural life, went to Cornell College in Iowa.

Perhaps capriciously, moved to Boston, maybe because I like the sea, before going on to graduate school at Boston University's Sargent College to get a master of science in physical therapy specializing in exercise.  I now work as a fitness trainer here and a physical therapist.

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