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Ah, I bid you welcome to the venerable That There Paul archive, going back to 2002. Parts of this archive were lost when my computer was flooded with Diet TaB. If you recall other That There Paul features you saw, but now miss, you may let me know by visiting the e-mail me page.
Busy elsewhere, I posted sporadically, on toxic couches, gun control, gay marriage, that versus which, and those crazy Shakers!
I really spent 2012 finishing my book, but still serve up a smorgasbord of: more roof whitepaint, Joan Crawford in "Trog," spreading santorum, protestation, mixing music, Netflix in the mail, and Hollywood socialites Jessica and Hunter.
A whirlwind year of not only Shirley Q. Liquor videos but incisive coverage of the Netflix Qwikster debacle, how Kraft/Nabisco Foods told me that hydrogenated oil is "part of a nutritious diet," and the uncompromising Park of Shame web page.  
The yee-ahh 2010! Very simple: light bulbs, white roof, Cursing Mommy, Fresh Fruit, the That There Paul Prize, and simulated reality.
I rave about indie artist-filmmaker Karen Aqua, zero in on a bad fitness seminar, keep my Netflix lists, and have peace at Xmas in Philly-town.
I mock Joe the Plumber and Blockbuster, clarify Bee Gees lyrics, write about Tibet, support Hillary then Obama, and dispense sage investment advice—in time for the 2008 Crash.
A quiet year, yet bringing you: the world's best Pet Shop Boys site, how to make a mix tape digitally, "Dick Warns America," Devo-lution, the Church of Stop Shopping. All this and my friend Dan's new CD.
Guerilla comedian Tom Mabe, protesting for gay marriage, America's quickest presidency, super-expert John Hodgman, blue moon myths, Bush humiliated at an honorary dinner, and a Drucker-inspired invitation to focus.
Quack doctor Oakley Frost, Church of the F.S.M., Harriet Miers, salt water snorting for colds, Pure Foods, and vegan pizza.
Atkins debunked, jumping over rocks and through hurricanes, This Week in God, earplugs, and geologic time.
The Soup-Off, French movies, and SoySolv.
The Spa, Boston radio, shoulder exercises, Iowa poetry, and Frau Farbissna.
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