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Favorite sites
Constantly scouring the Internet for deserving sites, I've come up with these. If you know of a worthy website, tell me.
Get up-to-date exercise information with the nsca strength & conditioning journal's carefully reviewed workout articles or go right to the source at the journal of strength and conditioning research, or medline to see the research for yourself.

Travel around the world, with the lonely planet and timeout travel sites to help you, and consider hosteling and last-minute travel (why spend?) and birdwatching.

Shrinking the busy-human-monster footprint and giving nature a chance to heal are four admirable organizations I support: audubon, greenpeace, the nature conservancy, and sierra club.

I believe whole-food vegan eating is healthier, tastier, and happier. Go vegan: start with robin robertson's vegan planet cookbook, visit notmilk, join the american vegan society, consult vegguide for vegan eateries around the world, including my favorite, tofu-a-go-go, and support organizations that protect animals: farmusa, peta, sea shepherd, and united poultry concerns.

Money matters: read some books on investing I recomend, and if you have to pick just one, pick the schwab guide to financial independence, or just call the schwab people, they're very nice, for more, read my investing guide.

Get political: read crooks and liars, watch the daily show, worship at the church of stop shopping, and believe in the flying spaghetti monster. Get informed: hear npr. Enjoy music: make a mix tape, and listen to music on your own personalized commercial-free streaming Internet radio station at

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