Devices to let you enjoy your music from almost anywhere



An MP3 player, to play music wherever you are.  Two by one-and-a-half inches, the Sansa Clip 4GB MP3 Player SDMX18-004GW-A57 holds about 83 45-minute mixes, and I like the white.  Holds its charge for a week, perfect for playing music to the stereo, boombox, or car, although the radio isn't that good and the output volume is a little low and hard to operate while you're out running.  Player locked up?  Reboot by holding/sliding power to "on" for 20 seconds, then quickly hold/slide power on again.  
Headphones.  Earbuds just aren't as good.  These Sony Ultra Lightweight MDR-W08L Vertical In-The-Ear Headphones stay in my ears, don't hurt my ears, and have a really nice full sound.  They also break, always, after less than 3 months of ordinary use.  As I've mentioned here, I have tried, and failed, to find anything like these now-discontinued heaphones, although the inferior-sounding Sonxtronics come close, as I discuss here.  
  For some reason, the MP3 player doesn't come with a charger.  This Mini USB Travel Home Wall Charger For HTC 2125 8125 MDA SDA XV6700 is the charger that goes with the above-mentioned Sansa MP3 player. 

This spunky little Xboom rechargeable speaker recharges using the same charger (above) and  faithfully reproduce the MP3s playing on your MP3 player with reasonably warm, clear, and robust sound, and costs less than $20.  It has its own 3.5-mm line input (below) to connect to your MP3 player. 
This short little 1-Foot 3.5-mm Male-to-Male 3.5-mm Gold Plug Stereo Audio Cable connects the MP3 player (at the earphone output) to the boombox speaker. It also connects the MP3 player to the radio and the car receiver described below.  Better get two
Listening to music in the bathroom is, I think, a must.  This handy Sangean PR-D5 portable radio accepts an AC power supply, allows a 3.5-mm line input to hook up to your MP3 player (and yes, the volume knob on the radio actually modulates the loudness of the signal coming in from the MP3 player).  This radio is marvelous and well-designed, as I talk about here.   
My neighborhood car audio expert believes in Kenwood (and emphasis on car audio in my neighborhood is second only to drinking).  This 
Kenwood KDC-148 In-Dash Car CD/MP3/WMA/AM/FM Receiver lets you listen to the radio and accepts a 3.5-mm input from the MP3 player. including stereo equipment, this list of music listening devices, from this point on, gets more expensiveóbut more sublime....
Stereo!  The loveliest sound in the world can be had by connecting the MP3 player to this Harman Kardon HK3480 Stereo Receiver.  (The above-described 2 RCA ends of the Y-cable insert into the red and white CD inputs, which on this model, as you look at it from the back, are second from the left.)  From this item down, this no longer is a guide to inexpensive audio equipment, but perhaps you already have a good stereo receiver.    
Here is our friend the 3.5-mm-male-to-2-RCA Y-cable again.  This time, it connects the MP3 player (plug the 3.5-mm end into the MP3 player's headphone port) to the stereo (plug the RCA ends into the stereo's red and white CD audio inputs).  
If you've got the stereo receiver, there's no reason not to connect the stereo and the speakers with this RCA AH16100SN 100 Ft. 16-Gauge Speaker Wire. The higher gauge number means more of the sound makes it to the speaker.  
  And finally, these Polk Audio RTi4 High Performance Bookshelf/On-Wall Speakers hang on the wall and have a great sound.

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