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I sifted through a great deal of electronic schmutz und dreck and found these.

Daft Punk Homework 

Leftover disco gets filtered and phasered by expert purveyors of French house. The musicians, determined to be free of record contract obligations, have made techno songs that are minimalist, bloopy, and fun. "Da Funk" thoroughly interrogates an acid house motif, "Phoenix" throws in scraps of gospel, and "Around the World" does quite a lot with quite a little (the entire song lyrics: "around the world").  1997

Jondi & Spesh - Tubedrivers

The sometimes unintentionally risible debut of this revered San Fran duo includes an interminable series of sayonaras ("Impenetrable Sayonara"), a love guru squaring off against a slightly flat diva ("Give All Your Love"), a track of almost nothing but whistles ("Tears of Niobe"), and in the standout track, the oft-remixed "We Are Connected," a meditation on connectedness made eloquent by samples from Dr. Strangelove and Stephen Hawking, all embedded in sleek club thumpa-thumpa sound.  1998

Joris Voorn - Balance 014

The Dutch techno mix guru turned in this entry for the worthwhile Balance series.  It fuses some 102 tracks into two accomplished sequences, the more memorable of which might be the first one, the percussively rich "Mizuiro," which stands out for its transcendent, Voornified versions of "Stol" (a young woman's single phrase hovers suspended as if in amber) and the seamy "R U OK?" (an electronically distorted male voice tells a partygoer to put his shirt back on and offers him a back rub).  2009 

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