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Towards heaven.

General Public - Hand to Mouth

In the 1980s, the neo-mod juggernaut that was the I.R.S.—the International Record Syndicate, that is—brought us this pulpy and upbeat incantation from alumni of The English Beat, The Clash, Dexy's Midnight Runners, and The Specials.  The trendily fragmented cover art will confer instant cachet upon any interior, regardless of whether or not this album is actually played.  1986

Pet Shop Boys - Introspective

A good place to start with these masters of literate synthpop is with their best-selling album over time, containing cleanly produced beach-sunny Miami disco released, in admirable defiance of pop music convention, as extended dance mixes instead of singles.  Doing justice to this album, as well as the rest of the Pet Shop Boys substantial discography and remix library is Wayne Studer's Pet Shop Boys Commentary.  1988

Army of Lovers - Disco Extravaganza

Infusing throwaway lyrics with a petulantly banal pan-European accent, lead singer Camilla Henderbrook (later replaced by the delightfully named Michaela Dornonville de la Cour and still later by an inflatable doll) sends this series of decisively luxurious club non-hits to a high campy stratosphere from which they seem to glow luminously as they rain down, like remnants of SkyLab.  1990


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