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Kate Bush - Hounds of Love

Kate Bush holds poetic truth close like a demon lover and never lets it go: "Running Up That Hill" rightly soared on the college progessive charts in 1985, but it is the relatively obscure final seven-song sequence "The Ninth Wave" that makes this work an art-rock masterpiece. "Jig of Life," for example, fires off Anglican cannonballs like, "And you will dance with me in the sunlit pools. We are of the going water and the gone." Read the full lyrics of this album here, and a lovingly written essay about it here.  1985

Duran Duran - [The Wedding Album]

Years after their retirement from making tinny, danceable, glam-disco hits, Duran Duran came out of nowhere in 1993 with this masterful untitled album (referred to by the wedding photo that adorns its cover, for no apparent reason). One well-made song follows another, until it dawns on you that you're in the presence of something exceptional.  1993

Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor

Night life wouldn't be the same without the songs and surpassingly good remixes of the chimerical club hit goddess Madonna. Each richly decorated song on this glittering album, released deep into her electro-Euro-dance-mix avatar phase, flows into the next. Highlights: "Future Lovers," "Get Together," and the mesmerizing "Sorry," with its refrain, "I've heard it all before." For up-to-the-minute Madonna information, consult Clare Parmenter's lovely Madonnalicious blog here.  2005

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