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The Chemical Brothers - Exit Planet Dust

In their acclaimed debut album, the Brothers put Blake Baxter, Kraftwerk, and Pucho & The Latin Soul Brothers into their first track "Leave Home," breathe life into Dead Can Dance (itself no mean feat) by deftly sampling their "Song of Sophia" into "Song to the Siren" as detailed here on the fascinating whosampled, and relocate Dexter Wansel's lost soul classic "Life on Mars" by sampling his "Theme from the Planets" into "One Too Many Mornings."  1995

Land of the Loops - Bundle of Joy

Willfully simple loop tracks expertly punctuated with odd samples: a prim typing teacher spells out the name of the band ("Welcome"), a child repeats, "Don't leave me!" and a girls asks, "Where are we, anyway?" (late 90's college radio alt-rock hit "Multi-Family Garage Sale Bargain Bin Mix"), guest singer Heather Lewis from Beat Happening gently chides, "I / Am sick of all this mess" ("I Confess").  The best track: the sonorous "I Dream Of Ghosts."  1997 

Howie B - Snatch

The loveable Howie B. wordlessly unspools nicely underdeveloped melodic motifs, backed by tranquil now-they're-here-now-they're-gone rhythms welcoming to the ear. The best track: "She Called Again."  1999

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