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Astral projection.

Enigma - MCMXC a.D.

A pious but marvelously lush exploration of lust and spirituality and the first and perhaps strongest of a series of mysteriously soothing albums by the German project that is not just an electronic music collective but a New Age institution, with their famous Gregorian chant and dance beat breakthrough "Sadeness," the watershed "Mea Culpa," and the eminently therapeutic if needlessly religious "Back to the Rivers of Belief."  1990

Tears for Fears - Elemental

An under-appreciated album of strong, introspective songs, about wisdom ("Elemental"), simple living ("Break It Down Again"), and dog walking ("Dog's a Best Friend's Dog") held nicely together with instrumentation that peaks in the ethereal, perfect "Gas Giants."  1993

Biosphere - Substrata

Suspended in a deep, sonorous sound are snatches of dialogue, some of which is sampled, it turns out, from David Lynch's TV show Twin Peaks, such as "Hyperborea": "In my vision, I was on the veranda of some vast estate of colossal proportions," or the accented voice in "The Things I Tell You," gently saying, "Sorry I had to wake you/ I have something to tell you/ The things I tell you/ Will not be wrong." Read more about the lyrics on the Wikipedia article about this album here.  1997

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