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Energy sources.

XTC - Drums and Wires

A delightful cavalcade of nervous paranoia that also, as great art does, pulls against itself: three-fourths of the way through, for example, is the beautiful "That Is the Way," a quiet song with a remarkable trumpet interlude that radiates peace and contentment.  1979

R.E.M. - Fables of the Reconstruction

Rural wisdom framed by country music working-man choral tropes, quietly jangling guitar, and melancholy compression to make a new music full of murky richness. "Driver 8" dreams of railroads, "Life and How to Live It" and "Good Advices" provide sage philosophical advice.  1985

Malcolm McLaren - Round the Outside! Round the Outside!

In this culmination of a three-album series, opera, Shakespeare, South African call-and-response, the Pointer Sisters, East-coast style rap, scratching DJs, and the briefly famous World Famous Supreme Team radio show ("I'm just about a superstar, see?") all get elegantly embedded in a kinetic stream of athletic energy, as in "II Be or Not II Be": "One for the trouble, two for the time."  1990

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